It all began with a gringo family
moving to California.

Completely displaced they fell in love with Mexican food, which quickly led to an appreciation of the culture and the people behind it.   Surf trips to Mexico enlightened further the specialties of this cuisine and it’s condiments. Upon returning to Australia we found none! Panic and withdrawals set in. Soon came a necessity to make a hot sauce that could satisfy our cravings. We decided to take matters into our own hands. Experimentation led to mouth fires, ring stingers, and tears until a unique balance of flavour and heat was found. The first samples added the desired ‘kick’ to fish tacos , made at a cactus - littered, redgum barbeque pit,  known around Robe as ‘ The Cantina’.

Cantina Kick was born.

Successive post-surf celebrations and word of mouth saw the hot sauce spread in a grass roots fashion by popular demand. It is with our absolute pleasure and passion that we bring you  home made, preservative free, original, quality products made in Robe, SA.

We sincerely thank you for your support.

Salud Amigos!